Top Five Ways to Think like an Employer

It can be daunting and discouraging heading into the job market. There are so many things to think about in order to get your application to stand out from the crowd. One great way to get yourself into the job-hunting mindset is to try and think the way your potential employers do. The following are five strategies to implement during your job search to help you think more like an employer, and help you land your next position.

1. Do Your Research –
 When given an interview opportunity by a company, it is important to do as much research as possible prior to the interview. Learn about the company’s values, clients, and products to help you understand the mission statement. Find the company on social media. Search on Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram to gain a better understanding of the company culture. When you know more about your potential employer, you will feel more confident during the interview.

2. Tailor Your Resume – Spend time updating your resume to make it clear to an employer that you have all the requirements for the role. Don’t run the risk of your application being overlooked. Make sure there is a very strong connection between your skills and the job requirements.

3. Stay Positive – Smiling in an interview and presenting yourself with a positive personality is hugely important. During the interview, the employer is assessing how you will interact with clients, customers, peers, and management. Once they know you can do the job, they’ll focus on how well you will fit within the organization, both functionally and culturally.

4. Be Results-Focused – Employers are looking for people who can help identify more efficient and effective ways of getting things done. Problem-solvers and creative-thinkers are a highly sought-after commodity in today’s job market. It’s not enough to have a skill-set in line with the position responsibilities; you need to clearly state the value you will bring to the organization as a whole. Maintain an awareness of your strengths, and come prepared to give strong examples to back them up.

5. Ask Questions – Employers will often make their final decisions based on the quality of the questions asked at the end of an interview.  Thoughtful questions show the interviewer you are thinking deeply about the job, and how serious you are about the position.